Nothing will get you to the life you desire faster than finding your super power and moving and choosing in alignment. Authentic alignment will strengthen your self-trust, build your confidence and raise your vibration.

I will help you to find your superpower!

Hey Bestie! I'm Yoli

I believe that it came from growing up in a military family and moving around. In any case, it's one of the reasons I incorporated destination photo shoots and retreats into my business. 

camera confidence


One of things that brings me the most joy in life is being a mom. I have 3 daughters and 1 son and they range in age from 8 to 24 years old.

My greatest joy is being a mom


I have always been drawn to personal growth. Even the books I enjoy reading most are around self-improvement, emotional growth, self-actualization. 

I'm obsessed with personal growth


Some of my Superpowers...

my passion

I was blessed with a stable and loving family, but even still, being a teen wasn't easy. I didn't play sports. I wasn't super popular. Nor was I bullied. What I did struggle with was figuring out who I was, establishing my own identity, making friends and navigating challenges and self-doubt. It was a struggle that would follow me into adulthood.  It would be a long, beautiful journey of self-discovery.

This is my story...

I am passionate about empowering women and teens. Through portraits I help them cultivate a better relationship with themselves. I create empowering and soul-affirming photo experiences crafted to capture each client's unique story and personality. I now have a unique coaching framework that integrates coaching and photos that is all about reframing and affirming your highest value.

I  love portraits!

As you know, I am a mom and this is my crew. They range from 8 to 23 years old. They are my loves and the source of my inspiration for many of my programs and ideas related to teens and adolescence.

This bunch...

I am a multi-passionate, collaborative, solution-focused life coach and photographer. I hold certifications in life coaching, self-love, teen life coaching, youth mentorship and EFT/TFT energy work also known as tapping. I also hold traditional degrees in Interpersonal communications and English. I am a completely self-taught portrait photographer with over 8 years experience behind the camera.

My wisdom...

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