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I haven’t been a good friend

Hey Girl,

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I know it has been a while since we last talked, but I wanted to write you this letter and express my sincerest apologies for not being the kind of friend that you truly deserve. I want to start by acknowledging all the times you have been there for me, supporting and encouraging every dream and every goal I have ever had. You have been the constant cheerleader in my life, cheering me on when I was less than confident and doubted myself and wiping my tears through every heartbreak. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all the ways you have shown up for me. 

I remember when I was struggling in college, working full time and trying to keep my grades up, and you helped me push through those late night cram sessions. When I lost my job and was feeling lost and defeated, you were the one who reminded me of my worth and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I started my business, you were the first person to invest in me and help me grow it to where it is today.

Despite all of this, I recognize that I have not been the best friend to you. I have canceled plans at the last minute or been too busy with my own life to give you the time and attention that you deserve. I have been quick to judge you and criticize you without really listening to what you had to say. I can only imagine how it feels to have a friend who is not fully there for you, especially when you have been there for them through thick and thin. 

I know that I have let you down in many ways, and for that, I am truly sorry. I want you to know that I am committed to being a better friend to you. I am committed to showing up for you in the way that you have shown up for me. I want to be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to celebrate your successes with, and someone to simply listen to you when you need to vent.

I want to thank you for being such a good friend to me despite my shortcomings. I know that I have a lot of work to do to regain your trust and rebuild our friendship, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to make things right between us. I understand that it will take time to regain your trust and repair the damage that I have done.

Please know that I value our friendship and that I am truly sorry for not being the friend that you deserve. Thank you for being the amazing friend that you are. I am blessed to have you in my life. I hope that you can find it your heart to forgive me and that we can find a way to move forward and strengthen our bond as friends.

Hugs & High Fives,

Your BFF, Yoli

Eleanor R.

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